Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Cassie Ainsworth, a waifish thin girl with large brown eyes and long blonde hair, was always one of my favorite characters on the British TV show Skins. She was a wounded fairy, a girl who dealt with anorexia and unrequited love, who had a penchant for dreamily saying "Oh, wow" and who was always impeccably dressed in a hodgepodge of vintage dresses, quirky thigh high socks, and mixed patterns. She was a grown up Alice in Wonderland, a childlike soul dealing with a world of drugs and heartache. 

As creepy as this may sound, my favorite scene of her's was always her suicide attempt. Donned in a white dress, shimmery maroon thigh highs and gold oxfords, Cassie overdoses on pills while dreamily dancing on a park bench and drinking vodka through a little green water gun. 

Cassie's style is as zany as she is. She favors layering textures, colors and prints while playing with proportions. She may mix a black sequined top over a long sleeved bright floral one, or wear a long skirt with tall socks and watches on her ankles. 

While no one can ever be Cassie (as everyone is an original being), you can draw inspiration from her outfits. 

-Mix textures. This can make an outfit exciting if done right. Pair harder textures, like tweed for example, with lighter ones, such as silk. 
-Mix patterns. The key to doing this without looking insane is by trying to keep a core color in both patterns.
-Play up your whimsical, childlike side. Don't be afraid to wear something a little kooky.

Pieces you may want to pick up:
-long skirts (pair them with high socks and a graphic t-shirt)
-vintage dresses 
-oxfords or mary janes (even better if they're sparkly.)

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