Monday, November 21, 2011

we found love

Kate Moss by Bruce Weber, Valentine Fillol Cordier in Vice Magazine, Maya Villiger photography, tumblr

These photos have a real lazy sunday/summer day feel to them, days of lounging in bed, blowing bubbles, effortless hair, no worries at all. As much as I love fall and am super excited for the holidays, I have to admit, once the air starts getting chilly I really crave the beach xx

Monday, November 14, 2011


To be honest, lately I've been feeling super uninspired. But someone whose style is always an inspiration is the French blogger/model (of Danish, Swiss, Czech and French background-oh my) Margaux Lonnberg. I fell in sartorial love with Margaux after seeing photos of her on Johnny's Bird, traipsing around in a lace bodysuit with her rocker boyfriend. Ever since then, I've been following her blog, The Killing Moon Confused.
With her tiny waiflike frame and simple yet striking tattoos, Margaux has a unique look. To top it off, she looks like she could of just stepped out of Woodstock-think messy blonde locks, long layers, and stacks of beaded bracelets on her arms paired with a pair of masculine boots. Margaux's style is effortless and California hippie, but with a touch of that certain french je ne sais quoi.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

it's a bittersweet symphony that's life

there's just something about street art & graffiti that i love. the first one looks like the doodles in my calc notebook laid down on the street and the skeleton one? my favorite. there's something about that bright light pink against gray city streets thats really eye catching. though i feel a bit bad for the parents of little kids or elderly people that have to walk by that slut one, though i doubt its still there. cool photograph though...

Friday, November 4, 2011


the other day in science class we were talking and thought up this plan that everyone should clean up the earth and then we'd all be frozen for like 100 years or so and when we wake up the earth would be rejuvenated. i really think we should get on that.

when i was little and my dad would tell me about how soon there'd be no trees left, i imagined this robotic futuristic world, and there was a glass orb with the last remainder of trees left kept in it.