Friday, June 24, 2011


I just preordered these shoes (so they won't be here until the end of July which is such a bummer, but they are definitely worth the wait.) I love everything about them-they are my perfect wedge. They can be worn with black tights to make the leg look miles long or dress up a pair of dark wash jeans. Plus they have open toes so they can be summer heels too. I can't wait to get these!


Chelsea Lane said...

oh I wish I could walk in something this high. can't wait to see them on ya!


SORDESCO said...

a pair of wedges just like this came into the consignment shop i work at last week, but they weren't my size :( broke my heart!

blackcatwildfox said...

Chelsea Lane-I think i'll have some problems learning to walk in these babies haha!

Sordesco-Ah bummer! I always see the loveliest shoes but never in my size (i'm a size 10...sooo its difficult sometimes haa)