Friday, June 29, 2012

beautiful creepiness

things that have happened recently:
-my computer hard drive crashed
- i lost everything on it
-i ordered the most perfect chelsea boots
-we had a crazy heatwave
-i graduated high school!

stuff thats inspiring me lately:
the amazing art of australian artist kathryn del barton

her work is so inspiring and dreamy and whimsical. they all look like little fairies and water nymphs, but they also have this strange ugliness to them, as if they're sickly or something but that's what makes them even more beautiful and striking. my favorite part is especially their eyes, big and inky and childlike. i'm definitely inspired to go make some beautifully creepy creatures right now xx


Jessica said...

well that is quite the mix of good and bad things! keeps you on your toes, congrats on graduating! these illustrations are so stunning!!! i will have to see more of the works


GlamorousGirl said...

lovely !
nice post!!!