Monday, January 16, 2012


i think white is my favorite color, it's so crisp and refreshing. don't all these pictures make you crave summer? too bad this is totally out of season for me, right now as i speak the wind is HOWLING when all i want is to be lying on a beach sipping an iced chai tea latte & listening to a playlist full of mellow music. also as soon as i have more money, i'm going to buy a lot of loose flowy white tops (preferably with a slight twist such as an asymmetrical hemline) & silver toe rings-don't ask me why but lately i've wanted one so badly!


Rianna Bethany said...

I am now craving summer agter reading about you wanting to be lay on a beach! I love the heels in that first pic to, is that an olsen?!

Rianna xxxx

Chantal said...

I love this post, I really want it to be summer again.

Macy said...

I love white too! Always reminds me of fresh sheets and cleanliness.

Priscila said...

I love those outfits. Were in summer here, so they give ideas!