Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Scout Willis has the coolest life-her parents are Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, she's lived in France, and she has an amazing dorm room with an even more enviable wardrobe. Stylelikeu posted a wonderful video & set of photos of her describing her personal style here, which is a bohemian mix of vintage and eclectic pieces. She takes inspiration from many decades, such as the 20's & the 50's, books like F. Scott Fitzgerald's Flappers and Philosophers, films like The Royal Tenenbaums (note her amazing fur coat) & more.

Be inspired by Scout:

-Find inspiration from different decades. Scout wears Victorian styled blouses and 20's styled slips. Look to the past decades for fashion AND beauty inspiration (Scout likes to wear her hair like a 50's greaser.) Feel free to mix decades too, like sixties styled winged eyeliner and bellbottoms styled jeans from the 70's. 
-Shop vintage. This is a great way to get unique pieces, and authentic articles from your favorite decade.
-Mix textures. Try fur (real or faux!) and suede or silk and denim. 
-Accessories! This is a great way to make a simple outfit interesting. For a bohemian feel, Scout loves to pile on turquoise. Try to build a collection of rings, necklaces, & bracelets which you can pile on. 
-Gain inspiration from more than fashion itself. Read books, watch movies, listen to music, and look at the world around you.  Allow these to stimulate your senses, allow yourself to think outside the box.
-Don't be afraid to wear something outrageous if you really love it. Scout believes everyone can pull everything off, as long as they are "willing to walk out of the house and really own whatever you're wearing."

Some pieces you may want to pick up:
-a great fur coat (real or faux)
-knee high boots
-silver & turquoise jewelry
-flared/bell-bottom denim
-a maxi skirt or dress


Ilya said...

hey :-) i read your message , hehe yes i would do that too.. ah the print is so beautiful, right?

your blog looks cute! keep it up xx

Kathryn said...

I'm loving super flared denim for this season! I also really like her use of accessories here.

Ashley said...

i love the details